Let’s Be Friends Preschool Program

Two Independent Classrooms with two teachers.
Preschool & Pre-K classes for children 2 1/2 through 6 years old.

All classes are half day with emphasis placed on development of the child in all areas, academic, physical and social and emotional.

All classes will be provided in a clean and safe environment. School parking is provided in the rear of the school building. Children shall be walked into their classroom by an adult making sure the teacher is aware of their arrival. Parents should exit the classroom through door designed by the teacher.

School Hours

All A.M. classes: 9am to 11:30am
All P.M. classes: 12:30 to 3pm
School will open 5 minutes prior to class time.
No child will be admitted until school has opened for class. In the case of late pick up a fee of $10 will be assessed for every 5 minutes that has elapsed.


All snacks served will consist of all natural juices and nutritional foods, with the exceptions of birthdays and special day parties.
If your child should have any known food allergies, please make sure you have your child’s teacher put it on file. We try to be a peanut free school. We do not allow any peanuts or nut products in our school. We have had experiences with nut allergies in the past and want to avoid any further occurrences.


All children will celebrate their birthday at school.
If their birthday falls when school is not in session an un-birthday will be scheduled. This allows every child to celebrate their birthday with their class. Parents for their child’s birthday may bring in a special snack of their child’s choice.

Helping Child of the Day

All children will be scheduled to be Helping Child of the Day. You will know which day your child is scheduled via the monthly calendar. This is their special day to help the teacher and do the weather, calendar and other various tasks.