A Message From Our School Director :

Dear Parents,

As the new school year begins, the first thing I ask is that you trust me with your children. I know it isn’t easy. I do not want you to trust me only because of my education, experience or reputation. I want you to know my philosophy of teaching and children.

• I believe
• I believe children deserve respect
• I believe that children should not be humiliated, hurt or embarrassed
• I believe a child’s self esteem should be treated with TLC • I believe a child has the right to go to the bathroom • I believe that children should be taught rather than trained • I believe my job is to teach until a child learns, rather than punish until he/she learns

I want children to be good because it feels good and life is more enjoyable when we are not in conflict. I do not want children to be good for me, for my love, or because I am more powerful than they are. I believe at any given point in time a person is doing the best he/she can with what he/she has. It is not always easy.

I want your children to enjoy learning. They will if they are allowed to develop their own motivation. They will if they are successful in their attempts. They will if they enjoy the process of learning as well as the end product. They will if they learn according to their own inner timetable and their own style. I believe we hurt a child’s natural curiosity and motivation when we confuse them by adding rewards of love or artificial reinforcements. The response should not be “I am so proud of you” but rather “You should be proud of yourself! Doesn’t it feel good? Or Isn’t that exciting?”

•I believe that in an open environment, such as preschool or home, there are always choices for a child. A child should be encouraged to be in charge of his/her learning.
•I believe modeling is, by far, the method that dominates a child’s learning.
•I believe love makes a difference. As a teacher, it works far better than anger. •I believe we should protect our children as much as possible until we are sure they are strong. Then we can help them adjust to the realities of life. I do not believe children grow strong when they are asked to adjust to the realities of life as a form of education. In most situations we ask children to adjust because adults won’t.

My job is not to control the children but to help them control themselves. I believe that if I am willing to say “I am sorry” when I make a mistake, I do not have to be afraid of making a mistake.

Thank you and welcome to our school,

Miss Carol, School Director